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Film Schools - How to Choose a Winner

By: Nathan James

It seems like everyone today want to be an actor. While acting can certainly be a very rewarding profession, in both monetary and fulfilling terms, itís probably one of the most difficult areas of film to break in to. If film and television is your passion, there is a whole host of other jobs that will get you into this sometimes glamorous, always competitive industry. Whether youíre interest lies in directing, producing, or even script-writing, choosing the right school is the most important decision youíll making.

The first step in getting into the film industry is determining what type of career youíre interested in. Just about any job in the film industry pays very well, so you should be ready for plenty of competition.

You should also be aware that youíll need to start at the bottom, often as a production assistant (answering phones, getting coffee, etc) before any hopes of working in the field you were trained in. Also know that youíll need to move to where the work is. If youíre planning on working in film this often means working on location for weeks, sometimes months at a time.

Choose the Film School that Meets your Criteria

If your passion is continuity, donít go to one of the film schools that focuses on directing. While it is typically important to get a feel for all areas of film production, youíll want to spend the most time focusing on your own career goals. Look for film schools that allow you to take specific classes in your film degree rather than a set course load.

With the popularity of film related jobs, there are film schools popping up all over the place. This means youíll need to do your research to ensure youíre not paying thousands of dollars to get a degree or diploma that is considered a joke. Make sure the school has been around for quite a while and check their credentials. Many major universities also offer top notch film degrees which are well regarded in the industry.

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This article was posted on January 16, 2006

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