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How to Effectively Use Training Videos

By: Bob Hett

There is a new fad that has been gaining in popularity recently. This fad is of the use of
training videos for various subjects. The use of training videos has been widely used for various
things such as: in the work place, for dog training, educational training, work out or exercise
training, sports training, and much more. But in order for these training videos to serve any kind of
purpose, it is important to effectively use them. If you are one of those people that struggle
with this, let this be your guide on how to effectively use training videos.

Whatever your reasons are for using training videos, there are some things you should follow.
First of all, it is not good to watch training videos when you are half asleep or tired. If you do
this, you will not pay much attention to it and thus you will learn nothing. An example: an
employer is having all of his employees watch a safety video before the lunch hour. The employees are
hungry and tired, so they are not paying much attention. The solution: the employer should show
the video when the employees are fed and more awake. Also, if you or others find it hard to pay
attention and start to lose focus, get up and take a breather before continuing with the training

Next, if the training video is teaching you how to do something or how to use something, then
practice it while you watch the video. You can then pause and rewind as necessary. An example can be
if you are learning how to better your golf swing. Practice as you are watching. Have your golf
clubs right there with you. Another example is if you are watching training videos on how to
train your dog. If the training video shows you how to make your dog sit, then try this as you watch
the video. It is much easier to practice what you are taught if you do it while you are being
taught. Lastly, take notes if you are unable to rewind or re-watch the training videos. This way
you will have something to refer back to about what you were just taught.

Remember to keep all of these tips in mind in order to effectively use training videos. Always
know that you are doing yourself no good if you are not paying any attention to the training videos.
Be aware that if you don't practice what you are seeing on the training video, it will not set in
and you may not learn anything. With the right frame of mind, you should be able to gain more
knowledge from the training videos you watch.

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