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All You Need To Know About Playing Golf... Indoors !

By: John Williams

Whether it's winter time or not, you can benefit a great
deal by working on your swing indoors. And there'll be no
danger of breaking an office window or knocking over things
at home.

Golf training has come a long way from simply going out on
the course with a pro, and whacking at the ball. This is
the age of high tech in almost everything, including
sports, and golf is certainly no exception.

In fact, the feedback available to golfers working on
various facets of their game, is invaluable when you
incorporate such tools as streaming video and instant
playback. Out on the course, you're not always going to
have someone watching what you do, and even if you "feel"
the shot has gone wrong, there's no way of learning from
your mistake.

That's why visual aids are the key to success of many
indoor instruction facilities. They will offer both
lessons and training sessions, a combination that allows
you to learn, and then practice what you have been studying
with the instructor. Trained staff will set you up in the
practice areas with your equipment, and familiarize you
with using the video feedback.

This is a giant leap forward from practicing on your own,
out on the course. There are times when you know things
like your grip didn't feel right, but have no idea what was
wrong, and the video images can show you that, allowing you
to correct it immediately and practice a better grip that
will improve your swing.

Not all facets of the game can be taught indoors like this.
The primary areas that indoor training is good for, are
grip, swing, putting, and perhaps the short game. But it's
an excellent way to start for new golfers, and provides a
fun afternoon or evening out during the winter, when the
green is covered in white!

About the author:
Peter Faulkner has been a keen golfer for many years. On
day at the 19th hole he decided to relate his experiences
in a series of articles...

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