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How To Make Your Fine Swedish Table Linen More Beautiful With Age.

By: Calle Redhe

Fine Swedish table linen isn't just a gift, but it's an heirloom. As a traditional wedding gift, table linen becomes a way to share history from generation to generation. To preserve table linen integrity, here are some tips and tricks.

Although a fine Swedish table linen only looks better with continued use, how can you keep it clean of everyday life? Stains and wrinkles do happen, but you can easily remove both. Linen is made to last.

Washing your table linen is simple due to the way linen is structured-it easily releases stains because of the fiber weave. The trick is to wash the table linen in mild temperatures, rather than anything hot, with a mild laundry detergent.

Hot temperatures can cause the linen fibers to disintegrate, especially when the table linen is old, such as with a heirloom piece.

If you find a stain on your fine Swedish table linen, then you can put a little salt on top of the stain and soak in cold water before washing. This can remove many complicated stains with little work needed by you.

The quicker you can get to a stain on your table linen, the better. In many cases, just water can remove a light soiling.

If you have a more difficult stain on your table linen, then here are some tips:

- Berry stains: soak in boiling water to release the stain and wash as usual.

- Wine: red wine stains can be sprinkled with salt, while white wine stains can be washed away with cool water

- Grease: sprinkle potato flour on the stain and let soak over night before washing. Gently remove the flour from the stain and wash as usual.

- Coffee: a boiling water soak works well, but for colored linen, you will want to mix an egg yolk onto the stain and soak in warm water

For lighter stains on your table linen, you should be able to remove it immediately with cool water. Never rub anything into the linen! Not only can the stain be made permanent, but you may also destroy the fibers of the table linen.

Although most fine Swedish table linen doesn't need ironing, you can touch it up when it's damp for special occasions. You will want to avoid drying it in the dryer, rather hang it on a clothesline.

It's good to note that direct sunlight may discolor and damage your table linen-even if it is white. You will want to keep the table linen shaded or stored until you need to use it.

When you need to store your fine Swedish table linen, you will want to roll it instead of folding it. The folds can cause the linen to wear and break over time, especially if you don't use your table linen often.

Taking care of your fine Swedish table linen will help it to continue from daughter to daughter, mother to mother. A table linen tells a story of care for a piece of a family's history and you can help continue to add to the story.

About the author:
Calle Redhe is the owner and Master Weaver at Redhes Weavery in Bjorbo, Sweden. Redhes Weavery was founded in the mid-1940's and has become renowned for keeping alive the ancient Swedish traditions of patterning and quality most evident in the overshot weave cloths they produce today. He makes it easy for all to own table linens with the air of royalty. To learn what colors and weave are available visit:

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