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Mortgage Marketing 101: A Crash Course In Mortgage Loan Marketing

By: Ameen Kamadia

There are a zillion ways to do mortgage marketing. Obviously we cannot cover even a small percentage of them here. But what we will cover is a few basic mortgage marketing advertising tips that can help you succeed in your mortgage marketing.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #1

All your marketing should be held accountable for itself. This means that all your mortgage marketing advertising should be bringing in more money than it is costing you. And you find this out by tracking all your advertising. The easiest way to track is to ask people when they call or come in. "Where did you hear about us?"

If you do a lot of different mortgage marketing advertising, then you need to add tracking numbers to your ads. For example, add coupons to your ads that people can tear out and bring in for a free gift. The coupon should have a tracking number on it so you can tell where the customer got the coupon.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #2

You should focus on getting the prospect's contact information in all your advertising. Get them to give you their name, address, phone, and email. This will allow you to follow up with them. Build up your database as fast as possible. Your database is your greatest and most valuable business asset if used properly.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #3

Stay in constant communication with your database. At least once a month, they should hear from you, about you, or read about you. The best way to do this is newsletter mortgage marketing. By using this great tool, you can have something in their hands every month. Newsletter mortgage marketing is a must for every loan officer. If you do no other mortgage loan marketing, you must do this. And you must do it every month.

The trick is to outsource the newsletter to a newsletter mortgage marketing company. These companies will write, design, print, and mail your newsletter for you to whomever you want. All you have to do is give them a photo of yourself and pay them every month. They do the rest.

To get the names of some great newsletter mortgage-marketing companies, visit:

By just using newsletter mortgage marketing I have seen some of our coaching clients go from zero referrals a month to 2-3 referrals a month. Just by using a simple newsletter.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #4

Ask everyone you know for referrals. Contact all your friends, relatives, past customers, and keep asking for referrals. You won't get unless you ask. We have a great program that can help you generate more referrals than you can handle. It's called Referrals on Demand and you can get more info at

Referrals are the easiest loans to get, and close. You also make more money on a referral loan than a regular loan. And they treat you with more respect. Once you build up your database to a few hundred, you should focus more on them, and on generating referrals. It is the cheapest form of mortgage loan marketing out there today.

About the author:
Ameen Kamadia, "The Millionaire Loan Officer" has taught over 4,583 loan officers to get more loans and make more money. For 100's more FREE tips and strategies that will skyrocket your business, visit

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