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Real Estate Facts For Home Buyers

By: Jay Bauder

If you are considering buying a home or have spent many years
saving in preparation of buying a home, the questions and process
involved in buying a home can be extremely stressful. As
exciting as it is to begin looking for your new home, there are
many unexpected costs and details to be considered before
contacting a real estate agent. Home buyers should be aware of
every aspect involved in purchasing a home before they take that
big step towards home ownership.

You will want to get the most value possible for your money. You
should be aware of every detail in regard to the home you wish to
purchase. Home inspections can reveal many hidden flaws and
problems that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Be
aware of your right to a home inspection and contact a
professional, licensed home inspector.

Compare the mortgage terms and interest rates offered by various
mortgage lenders. Even a slight difference in your interest rate
can add up to thousands of dollars over the length of your
mortgage. A pre-approval from the lender of your choice will not
only give you added confidence when shopping for a new home, but
could give you added leverage when bargaining with the seller. A
pre-approval will let you know the exact amount you are approved
for and will save you time after your offer has been accepted by
the seller.

Using a buyer agent is an excellent way to help protect your
interests when shopping for a home. A buyer agent will be
responsible for helping you get the best deal possible on your
new home. While shopping for a home, be aware that certain
features can adversely affect the resale value of the home.
Detached garages and swimming pools can actually lessen the value
of the property. Protect your investment by educating yourself
on the home buying process and the way property is appraised.

You can make the home buying process fast and painless if you
take some precautions along the way. Choose your lender
carefully. Interest rates and closing costs vary from lender to
lender and the difference could mean thousands of dollars over
time. There are numerous flexible loan programs available.
Finding the loan that will best suit your long term needs will be
of great value to you when it is time to sell the home. Just a
half point difference in your interest rate will translate into a
lot of money over the years.

Keep in mind that there are additional costs involved in
purchasing a home. Homeowners association fees, furniture,
annual heating and cooling costs, and homeowners insurance need
to be considered when planning to purchase a new home. Buying a
new home does not have to be stressful and frustrating. Make
sure you know the facts and your home buying experience will be
quick and painless.

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