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5 Key Things to Look For When Purchasing a Golf Umbrella

By: John Bolt

If you play golf on a regular basis you will eventually get caught in the rain. You have to be prepared for these conditions with the proper golf umbrella. It is a critical piece of golf equipment because nobody likes to play golf when they�re soaking wet. I�ve put together the 5 most important criteria a golf umbrella must have to be effective. Let�s take a look...

1. Be at Least 60 Inches Wide

Try to get the largest umbrella you can find let alone handle. The bigger and wider the cover the more area it shield from the weather. Especially for those who walk the course and carry their own bags. You also want to keep as much of your equipment dry as possible.

2. Wind Tested

Make sure the umbrella is able to withstand incredibly high winds. Check to see that it has a double canopy or another form of open air slots. This is so that the air can flow through the vents and prevent it form inverting or turning inside out. It will also prevent from being pulled across the fairway should a sudden gust of wind kick up.

3. Fiberglass Shaft

This material is important to allow a little flex or movement in the shaft during blustery weather. It�s also safer then having a steel shaft should there be any lightening in the area when you are making your way back to the clubhouse.

4. Colorful or Imprinted

Find a stylish and bright colored one that catches your eye or has a look that you like. You may also look for an imprinted golf umbrella with a cool logo you like or represent. (Favorite sports team) The main thing is to make sure that it�s visible to other golfers during the darker overcast conditions.

5. Plastic Stake

Make sure your new golf umbrella has a long plastic stake at the top end. This is mainly so you can stick one end into the turf when you are going to hit your shot. It helps to prevent it from blowing away when you set it down.

Now that you know what to look for in a golf umbrella, go out and get the coolest one you can find. But remember one thing: don�t scrimp on this purchase so you don�t regret it the next time it rains.

About The Author

John Bolt is the owner of Golf Equipment Source and has created the ULTIMATE FREE guide to golf umbrellas. To find out more about your favorite golf umbrella please visit =>

This article was posted on January 30, 2006

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