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By: Joe Driscoll

Have you ever experienced the doldrums where you ask yourself about the meaning of life? Do you need something to pick you up and make you feel alive again? Itís no question that exercise is a great remedy for the doldrums, but many are no longer motivated to follow the traditional exercise path.

I have recommended Martial Arts training to many who have felt this way with great success. Training for self-defense or fighting gets to the very core of the human psyche. Genetically, we were designed to survive, and of course that includes defending ourselves.

With this in mind, itís no coincidence that people begin to start feeling better when they begin some form of Martial Arts training. This goes way beyond the physical aspects of good training, it begins to get to the matter of having a clear sense of purpose. Over the years many a person has questioned their sense of purpose as they sat in an office of cubicle.

Bear in mind there are all forms of Martial Arts training and many different styles. There are programs for beginners, those who just want to be exposed to a system, cardio classes for a good workout, and those places to go where you can learn to be a fighter, whether you choose to fight or not.

The workout you get from a Martial Arts training program can be all over the map. There are programs where you barely bust a sweat to the extreme systems where youíre training very hard. My advice is always start out slow and youíll gradually find the type of training that was meant for you.

If youíve tired of typical training routines, you just might want to look into a Martial Arts training program.

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Joe Driscoll is a former Martial Arts world champion and the author of "Conditioning and Beyond" and several other books on fitness, conditioning and Martial Arts Training. Find out more about Joe and his training concepts at

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This article was posted on January 30, 2006

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