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The Best Bang For Your Buck Pocket Bike Mods

By: David Di Cristo

I always see alot of questions similar in nature to "Will this setup work with my bike?", "What parts should I buy?", "How much will this increase my power?" from newbies entering the sport, so I have decided to make a list of what pocket bike performance parts are best for your bike.

This list is for people on a low budget and also applies to those that have a bit of money to spend aswell. It will be set out in the format "Budget Mods", "Average Mods" and "Serious Tuner". Be advised that all CAG engines are different and performance increases vary on each bike. This guide should help you spend your money more wisely on the right modifications to get your bike going at it's full potential with the money you have to spend.

The pocket bike modifications listed are all available in Australia, but may need some looking around for. The prices listed next to each part is the general recommended retail price, please do not use this as a buying guide as prices will vary from different suppliers. Make sure to shop around for better prices, and also check with the supplier that these parts will fit your style of pocket bike.

Budget Mods:

Timing Key - Increases your engines timing by 10 degrees, cheap and VERY effective part, But please note this increases performance on some engines, but can also decrease performance in others, it depends what your timing is set at in the factory. (RRP $20)

Fibreglass Reeds - Replace your stock metal reed with a high performance Fibreglass one. Fibreglass reeds allow more and faster fuel into the carb, this resulting in a faster burning of fuel, which increases low, mid and top end power. (RRP $20-$30)

Performance Air Filter and V Stack - If your bike came with a black air cleaner instead of an air filter, its loosing potential power, by adding a high performance air filter and vstack your allowing more and faster air into your engine, which will increase performance and engine life. (RRP $30-$40)

Hi Flow Fuel Filter - This is not a performance mod but it is one of the most important things that should be considered when buying modifications, If your fuel line does not have a fuel filter, there is a very good chance that dirt or foreign objects have got inside your fuel and are now blocking your carb. By installing this cheap modification it protects your engine from harm by dirt, plastic, etc. It is a must for every bike . (RRP $7-$15)

HP Clutch Springs - All CAGS come with 3 shoe clutches, the major let down with these clucthes are the springs. A good set of HP clutch springs will make your acceleration alot better over stock and coming out of coners etc, you will have alot more power. A good cheap investment. (RRP $15-$25)

These mods are a very good starting point to modifying, these parts can be fitted if you have general engine knoweldge or instructions. The flywheel, clutch and carb must all be removed to install these mods, if in doubt you can take your bike to a pocket bike repair shop and they would gladly install them for a cheap fee.

Average Mods:

Fatboy Exhaust and Tank - This exhaust system is an awesome upgrade over the stock exhaust, many winning pocket bike racers around the world use this exhaust and swear by it. It's a very cheap upgrade and will really open up your engine, the Fatboy Exhaust is that big, it comes with a smaller fuel tank so the pipe can fit. (RRP $90-$160)

High Performance Carb - The stock CAG carb is only 12.88mm by upgrading to a larger carb etc. 14/14 or WT-603 which are the most popular choices in carbs when it comes to racing you increase your engines performance all round by allowing more fuel and air to get burnt and this will increase your low, mid and top end power. (RRP $90-$160)

Heavy Duty 2 Shoe Clutch - A 2 shoe clutch is better for light people, once it gets going its awesome alot better than a 3 shoe clutch with springs, the only down side to this modification is you must adjust the springs perfect for when the clutch engages. (RRP $40-$70)

High Performance Piston Rings - HP Piston Rings Offer more compression and are a good cheap investment, will give a small increase in power. (RRP $10-$20)

Lightened Piston - A lightened piston is alot better than the stock piston and is alot better quality, will give a small increase in power. (RRP $30-$50)

Ported Cylinder - Getting a cylinder ported to your engine is one of the most important mods that can be done, a cylinder with boost ports, larger exhaust ports and the correct squish set, will give an insane power increase, Very good for the money. (RRP $80-$90)

These mods are for the more experienced racer that can handle alot more power over stock, these parts will be best installed by a shop rather than risk doing it your self. You will be amazed at the power increase.

Serious Tuner:

2 Peice High Compression Headkit - A headkit consists of a cylinder, piston, extra cooling plate, a high quality spark plug and some even with a changeable compression dome, This is where your engine gets insane power, by increasing it to a 49cc not a 40cc like most CAG's. A head kit tuned to the rest of the engine correctly is the best value for money product. (RRP $100-$400)

Full Circle Stroker Crank - A full circle stroker is best suited to an engine wit a headkit. Installing a full circle stroker crank (FCSC) will make your bike a 52cc but to get this going perfect the crank must be balanced to your piston. This is done by experienced pocket bike shops, once you install the FCSC you will never want to ride a bike with a half circle crank again. (RRP $110-$130)

4 Petal Reed Cage - Allows alot more and faster fuel into your engine with 2 dual reed sections allowing for 4 reeds, this gives you improved fuel flow and power throughout low, mid and top end. You will not be dissapointed: (RRP $120-$200)

Zocchi CAG Race Pipe - Hand made italian race exhaust, cannot go wrong here will run absolutley awesome with a headkit and a good carb. Awesome power increase from low, mid and top end. (RRP $160-$200)

The real art to serious performance upgardes is getting your engine made to run perfect with the modifications. This is achieved with the correct porting and tuning. If the above modifications are ran with all of the average mods and a timing key, you will have an insaneley powerful machine. They will easily add 20 km/h to your top end with stock gearing. Also be advised while adding these mods a final gear change will be needed to get the most out of the modifications. If your engine is tuned and ported correctly you will be keeping up easily with stock watercooled pocket bikes, if not beating them. With all of these mods, they are not made just to be fitted onto your bike. The best thing you could do is to take it to your local pocket bike repair or performance shop and get them to fit everything correctly and tune the engine to the modifications, and then it's just a matter of holding on :)

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David Di Cristo - Owner of the website and Pocket Bike Forum community at

This article was posted on January 30, 2006

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