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Is Your Website Guilty Of Missing This "Secret Ingredient"?

By: Michael Silk

Nobody ever seems to talk about this.

I am talking about the "secret ingredient" missing from nearly every "selling" web site I stumble across.

Want to know what it is?

Uh huh... well... I guess I'd better tell you then.

It's simply this:

Most web sites lack any real, honest-to-goodness PERSONALITY.

Jeeze, have you ever had to read through some of the stuff you find posted on a web site?

Holy cow! Most of the time it makes my head hurt. Or, worst still... it bores the pants off me.

Listen up: You cannot bore people into buying from you.

No. No. Noooo!

Instead your sales message should be injected with a vibrant personality that stimulates the readers mind... gets their adrenaline pumping... and their greed glands itching.

You sure as hell won't win any literary awards... but... you sure as hell will up the readership... and hence the RESPONSE... to your web site offer.

What you should also do is start using "power words" that snag the visitors attention... reels in their interest.... and... tickles their senses! Let me give you quick example:

Here's the moronic way to write a sales message:

"The man carried himself with an air and grace, and dressed in the finest cut garments money could buy. He particularly prided himself on his ability to capture the heart's of any lady who glanced in his direction and fixated her gaze upon him."

Yuck. Too much fluff and adjectives for my liking.

Let's see if we can't do a little better. How about like this:

"The Casanova of cool glided into the room... and with his intoxicating sexual energy... ignited the passions and aroused the DEEPEST sexual desires of every women who succumbed to looking him in the eye!"

Can you see the difference?

The first example tries to impress the reader with fine, flowery words.

The second example grabs hold of the reader's mind and holds it hostage whilst painting a pleasing, vivid picture on the canvass of said mind.

Another thing:

What you should also do, if you want to sell more of your product or service from your web site is get good at telling stories.

It's a shame. It seems people are losing the "ancient" art of story telling.

Yet... when it comes to creating a winning sales message, this axiom holds true:

The person with the best story wins!

Can you guess why?

It's because we are brought up on stories. Stories snare the mind and ignite our imagination. Everyone loves a good story. And, what is more, a story lowers the reader's resistance to being sold.

There, I lied to you didn't I?

That's two "secret ingredients" missing from most web sites: PERSONALITY and STORIES!

Oh well, I guess I've outdone myself.


Michael Silk The World's #1 Info-Marketing Copywriter

Copyright 2006 MLS Direct Marketing

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Michael Silk, The World's #1 Info-Marketing Copywriter writes copy so persuasive that many people consider it too expensive to read! Michael is now giving away a FREE Information Kit from his website titled: "How To Make Almost 100% Certain You Make Obscene Amounts Of Money From Your Info-Products"! (normally sold for $97.00)

This article was posted on January 24, 2006

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