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Computer Games 

Results 1 - 10 of 11 found in "Computer Games":

1. Bizmosis Mobile Developers
Mobile design, development, and consulting company

2. Computer Games and Educational Software
Sells action/adventure, educational, professional, reference, and music games.

3. Through the Glass Wall: Computer Games for Mathematical Empowerment
Summaries and in-depth reviews of software for children in the elementary and middle grades, focusing on games that require mathematical or logical thinking, or designed for and marketed specifically to girls.

4. International Computer Games Association (ICGA)
Contributes to the experience of game- and computer-game playing in the widest sense through education, entertainment and academic research in Artificial Intelligence.

5. Computer Games and Digital Cultures Conference
Explores the aesthetic as well as narrative and structural issues of computer games, while also functioning as a bridge and intermediary between the academic research and professional gaming community.

6. Tolkien Computer Games Pages
Offers information about all known computer games based on any of Tolkien's books.

7. So You Want to be a Computer Game Developer
Inside information on what it takes.

8. Computer Games Station
Retailer provides computer and video games.

9. Computer Games Magazine
Dedicated to PC gaming.

10. Computer and Video Games Survey
Lists popular online games and gives game sales data
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