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Results 1 - 10 of 11 found in "Copywriting":

1. Marte Cliff, Copywriter
- specializing in copywriting for real estate and related industries.

2. Powerwriting
Freelance advertising copywriter and direct marketing consultant. Specializes in direct mail, radio commercials, and web copywriting.

3. Butler, Bill
Freelance writer, providing copywriting services for web sites, print ads, direct mail, brochures, and catalogs.

4. Roth Copywriting
Provides strategy-driven copywriting and content for print, annual reports, collateral, and new media.

5. Tim Trout Copywriting
Copywriters specializing in corporate and consumer sales copy and editorial for design houses, web developers, marketing and PR consultancies, and for 'end user' clients.

6. Ediwriter Copywriting Services
Specializes in slogans, ideas, and contents for web sites and advertising campaigns.

7. PDP Ink Copywriting
Freelance copywriter specialising in direct marketing, advertising, brochures, travel writing, advertorials, and scriptwriting.

8. Chris Marlow Copywriting & Email Marketing
Provides a free Direct Response Scorecard with actual response rates for dozens of projects.

9. Creative Concepts and Copywriting
Provides strategies on how to combine creativity with marketing and copywriting principles for people to create their business.

10. Copywriting.Net
Writes and edits marketing communications and ad copy for corporations, government agencies, ad agencies, design firms, video/film producers, publishers, and NFP organizations.
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