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1. Smart Retail Solutions
Offering retail sign software, cardstocks, clips, and holders.

2. Retail Council of Canada (RCC)
Voice of retail in Canada. Members embrace all retail formats including department, specialty, discount, independent, and online stores and merchants.

3. Retail Worker
Provides news, information, and support to retail employees engaged in union drives and other forms of labor activism.

4. Illinois
Provides regional links to artists, stores, restaurants, and more.

5. Retail Systems Alert Group
Retail technology and industry information center.

6. Retail Motor Industry Federation
Professional body for all aspects of motor retailing: motorcycles, cars, bodyshop, auctions, dealers, recovery services, consumers, news, and more.

7. Canada Retail
Features a directory of Canadian retailers in a range of product categories.

8. Computer Retail Week
Newspaper for technology retailers.

9. National Retail Federation
Includes retail news, events and conferences, publications, and conferencing.

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