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1. Alpacas Directory
provides web marketing and and online promotion for alpaca ranching.

2. Florida Mortgage Company
Global Lending Group considers a mortgage as a financial planning tool - a way to control valuable assets for the betterment of our clients.

3. Webmaster Reference Library
Comprehensive reference for HTML authors and webmasters, the WMRL has carefully selected and annotated web sites plus original articles about the art of web site creation.

4. Education World
Comprehensive site for education professionals teaching grades K-12 with lesson plans, tips, articles, and resources.

5. Cyber Patrol's Cyberguide
Provides a filtered search engine that returns results appropriate for children.

6. FindLaw
Law resource for consumers and legal professionals. Includes a searchable directory of legal information, local services, helpful tools and tips, and legal news.

7. Healthfinder
Provides consumers with easy access to online, accurate health information. From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

8. FirstGov - U.S. Government Portal
Official web portal for the United States government. Includes federal, state, and local government resources, a guide to government agencies, online services, business and nonprofit information, news, and reference materials.

9. Perl Reference
A database of Perl links.

10. YourDictionary
Directory of online English dictionaries and thesauruses, translation dictionaries of 150 different languages, grammar help for 70 languages, and pages of linguistic fun.
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