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Market Research 

Results 1 - 10 of 10 found in "Market Research":

1. Construction Market Research
Specializing in construction aggregates research. Also sells a book with U.S. aggregates and industry-related data.

2. Centre for Labour Market and Social Research (CLS)
CLS is a centre for theoretical and empirical research in labour and welfare economics.

3. Polaris Marketing Research
Specialties include the telecommunications, healthcare, online services, and banking industries.

4. Market Research International
Provides financial forecast center for stock idexes, interest rates, prime interest rate, currency exchanges, and the general economy.

5. Russian Public Opinion and Market Research
Conducts and disseminates public opinion polls and market research. Also in Russian.

6. Market Research Society of Australia
Dedicated to increasing the standard and understanding of market research.

7. DG XIII - Telecommunications, Information Market, and Exploitation of Research

8. NOP World Market Research
Offers market research and brand strategy for various industries including the financial, technology, consumer, automotive, and health care sectors.

9. Market Research, Inc. (MRI)
Charts and data from all the major exchanges.

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