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Make Money, Be Your Own Boss & Stay Home With Your Children: Be a Virtual Assistant!

By: Jennifer Claggett

Maybe you’ve heard of virtual assistance…maybe you haven’t. It really isn’t a household phrase – yet! Let me tell you, though…it’s catching on really quickly. Why? Because it makes sense for business owners to hire VAs to do work for them (we’ll get into just how much sense it makes in a minute)! In fact, a recent study by George Washington University shows that virtual assistance will be a $130 billion a year industry by 2008. You – and your family – deserve a chunk of that $130 billion! More than that, you ALL deserve to have you home and available for your children.

Use the skills you already have and be your own boss, set your own hours, make some great money...and, most importantly, spend time with your children!

So, just what is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent (self-employed) entrepreneur who can provide a variety of services (i.e. administrative, technical and/or creative) to one client or many clients on an on-going basis.

A VA uses various modes of communication to deliver those services to clients (i.e. e-mail, Internet, fax, phone, snail mail).

What is a Virtual Consultant (VC)?

A Virtual Consultant (VC) is an independent (self-employed) entrepreneur who completes highly specialized projects on an as-needed basis for one client or many clients.

A VC uses various modes of communication to deliver those projects to clients (i.e. e-mail, Internet, fax, phone, snail mail).

Why Be a VA or VC?

As a VA and/or a VC, you work at your own location (your home office), act as an independent contractor (i.e. are self-employed and get to take advantage of some awesome tax benefits!) and use your own equipment (in the comfort of your own home!).

This saves your clients HUGE money that they normally pay for onsite employees (i.e. providing benefits, office space, office equipment, etc.). Plus, your (VA's and VC's) charges can most likely be written off as a business expense by your clients! And, to top it ALL off, your clients have the benefit of a professional level assistant or consultant working "for" them.

When you are a virtual assistant, you PARTNER with clients (on a long-term basis) to provide high quality support services – without being onsite. Why has this suddenly become more popular? Because of today’s technology. The Internet, e-mail, phone, fax, IM, etc., all work together to make this profession TOTALLY do-able today!

How do I know you could do it? Because you just use the skills you already have (from your years of working for someone else!) and put them to work for yourself and your clients! You’d be shocked at just how many marketable skills you have…and probably don’t realize!

Start considering this alternative and investigating your options. Think prosperously and expect good things!

About The Author

Jennifer Claggett is a virtual assistant and a stay-at-home mom. Visit her website at to learn more easy-to-use virtual assistant tools and invaluable information on starting a virtual assistant business.

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This article was posted on January 24, 2006

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